The necklace V wore when leaving Korea…”Couple item” with Jennie?

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie were embroiled in “dating rumors” once again.

On May 17th (local time), an overseas fan posted a video of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie enjoying their date on their Twitter account, drawing attention.


In the video, the couple had a sweet time walking hand in hand on the streets of Paris.

When the news spread, attention was focused on the necklace V wore in his departure fashion. This is because there are speculations that it may be a “couple item” with Jennie.

Earlier on May 15th, V left Korea to participate in a fashion brand photo shoot and event in France.

At that time, V showed up at the airport wearing a black jacket and jeans. He greeted reporters and fans with a big smile.

V boasted his self-luminous visuals with the necklace he wore when seeing off BTS J-Hope for enlistment.

Jennie is also making headlines as she is often spotted wearing a Foundrae chain necklace.

Just last month, Jennie wore this necklace when appearing on “Carpool Karaoke” hosted by American broadcaster James Corden.

Both V and Jennie showed the sense of wearing Foundrae’s necklaces in layers, raising the suspicion of a “couple item”.

Meanwhile, V and Jennie’s dating rumors have been raised since last year, but the agencies of both sides are not taking any particular stance, saying that it is “the artist’s private life”.

Source: Insight

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