YG immediately denied Rosé & Kang Dong Won’s dating rumor but reacted differently in the case of Jennie & V

Korean media pointed out two different attitudes of YG Entertainment towards BLACKPINK members’ dating rumors.

Witnesses of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie’s Paris date are spreading. On May 17th (local time), an overseas fan posted a short video on Twitter with the caption “Taehyung and Jennie in Paris walking hand in hand in the City of Love”


The released video shows a couple wearing hats, holding hands, and enjoying a sweet date.

V departed for Paris on the 15th for a fashion brand photoshoot and events, while Jennie is scheduled to attend the 76th Cannes International Film Festival on the 22nd. Netizens speculated that they might be spending time dating amid busy schedules in France.

However, Big Hit Music and YG Entertainment only stated, “It’s difficult to confirm the rumor”, and have not made any specific position regarding the video.


Rumors of V and Jennie’s romantic relationship have been circulating since last year, but the two’s agencies have consistently refrained from mentioning it because “that’s the artists’ private life”.

When dating rumors of actor Kang Dong Won and BLACKPINK Rosé broke out in April, YG issued a similar position, but shortly afterward, they firmly stated, “The dating rumor about Rosé reported earlier today (April 17th) is not true.”

Explaining the reason for the delayed reversal of their statement at that time, YG said, “As groundless speculations continue to spread, we would like to inform you of the fact once again”.


YG immediately denied Kang Dong-won and Rosé’s romance rumor, but they have remained silent for over a year regarding the romantic relationship between Jennie and V, leaving fans of both artists in confusion.

However, YG did mention in their official statement released on October 3rd last year that they would sue the first distributor of Jennie’s private photos.

At that time, the agency said, “We have requested a police investigation into the first distributor of Jennie’s private photos. Our company has been continuously monitoring and collecting contents and already submitted a complaint to the police in September.”

Source: Insight

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