BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie caught holding hands and enjoying Paris date

A dating scene of V and Jennie, who have been rumored to be in a romantic relationship since last year, was released.

On May 17th, a video of V and Jennie walking hand in hand on the street of Paris, France spread rapidly on SNS sites and online communities.

The released video shows a man and a woman said to be V and Jennie holding hands affectionately and enjoying their date outside. The two freely walked around on the street without caring about the people surrounding them.

In particular, the overseas fan who uploaded the video released some more photos, claiming that the two’s managers and staff were following behind them.

Jennie is currently in Paris for the 76th Cannes Film Festival to be held on the 22nd. V also left Korea on the 15th to participate in photoshoots and events in France.


In response, netizens raised speculation that the two have been dating for a long time and often meet each other when they have no schedule.

Meanwhile, V and Jennie were captured having a drive date in Jeju Island in May last year, sparking rumors of their romance to arise. As evidence photos got leaked one after another, the public gradually believed the dating rumor as a fact.


Regarding that, the agencies of both sides did not release any statement, citing it as “the artists’ private life”.

Source: Wikitree

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