Lee Mi Joo and Lee Yi Kyung’s backstage moment sparks another dating rumor, “She held his hand and stroked his fingers”

Dating rumors of singer Lee Mi Joo and actor Lee Yi Kyung arose again due to their moment at a recent awards ceremony.

A close-up video of Lee Mi Joo and Lee Yi Kyung holding hands at an award ceremony recently spread on SNS sites, such as Instagram.


It’s a cut from a fancam taken at the Circle Chart Music Awards in February. The clip shows Lee Mi Joo and Lee Yi Kyung, who appeared at the awards ceremony as award presenters, holding hands affectionately behind the stage.

Lee Mi Joo grabbed Lee Yi Kyung’s hand and naturally stroked his fingers with her thumb. Later, the two crossed their arms with each other and headed out to the stage.


The two’s physical contact reminds netizens of Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri’s moments in the past. Previously, Ryu Jun Yeol was seen unintentionally holding hands with Hyeri at tvN’s 10th-anniversary awards ceremony before they publicized their romantic relationship.

Lee Mi Joo has strongly denied dating rumors with Lee Yi Kyung. In response to the question about her relationship with Lee Yi Kyung on KBS’s “Problem Child in House”, which aired on May 17th, the female singer firmly said, “There is absolutely no possibility of that happening. We’re like brother and sister”.


When asked, “Why is there no possibility?”, Lee Mi Joo emphasized, “It just doesn’t seem reasonable that way. When I thought about whether I can kiss or have physical contact with this person, what came to my mind was ‘I would never do that with Yi Kyung oppa’. That will never happen.”

Source: Nate

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