Nicknamed “mini Son Ye Jin”, this K-drama actress has a visual and career comparable to Son Ye Jin herself!

Even Son Ye Jin admitted that she shares a lot of similarities with this actress.

There are many cases where lookalikes of famous K-drama actresses have failed careers, but the opposite may also happen. One of such cases is none other than the famous actress Kim So Hyun, who earned the title “mini Son Ye Jin” after playing the younger version of Princess Deok Hye – Son Ye Jin’s character in “The Last Princess”.

Like Son Ye Jin, Kim So Hyun is also famous for having a bright, innocent, and good-natured image. In fact, they are so similar that Son Ye Jin herself admitted to it!  However, unlike other cases where the doppelganger never lives up to their original versions, Kim So Hyun has made a name for herself with outstanding visuals and various successful projects. 

Son Ye-jin Kim So-hyun
The vibes of Kim So Hyun and the “nation’s first love” Son Ye Jin are pretty similar.
Son Ye-jin Kim So-hyun
Son Ye-jin Kim So-hyun
Kim So Hyun is growing even more beautiful as she matures.

Kim So Hyun began to be known as a child actor when she was only 7 years old. Despite her young age, the actress has been in the industry for a whopping 14 years, and constantly challenges herself with different images. She goes from playing villains to protagonists, period dramas to school romances, and scores high ratings in every one of them. The actress is also critically acclaimed via her performances in works like “Moon Embracing The Sun”, “School 2015”, “The Tale of Nokdu”, “Love Alarm”, and most recently, “River Where The Moon Rises”. With constant improvements through each of her acting roles, Kim So Hyun is someone to watch out for, even if you are Son Ye Jin


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