Park Bo-gum kept his promise, a full “Baeksang Arts Awards” MC team with Shin Dong-yup and Suzy for the first time in 2 years

MC Shin Dong-yup, Suzy, and Park Bo-gum will meet again in a three-member team at the “Baeksang Arts Awards” for the first time in two years.

Shin Dong-yup, Suzy, and Park Bo-gum are confirmed as MCs for the “58th Baeksang Arts Awards” which is to be held at the 4th Hall of KINTEX Exhibition Hall in Ilsan, Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, on May 6th. They will lead the three-hour live awards ceremony.

Shin Dong-yup is known as a “trustworthy broadcaster,” a stable and witty host in live broadcasts. He remained the MC of the “Baeksang Arts Awards” from the 50th to the 52nd ceremonies, and has been active as the host of the “Baeksang Arts Awards” for five years after taking a year off. He also has a special affection for this awards ceremony, so he puts aside his work for the “Baeksang Arts Awards” despite his busy schedule.


“Icon of Baeksang” Suzy will be the MC of “Baeksang Arts Awards” for the seventh consecutive year. She boasts flexible live broadcasting skills and chemistry that work just by looking at her partners Shin Dong-yup and Park Bo-gum‘s eyes. She is another special point to watch of the Baeksang Arts Awards. This time, as always, she remains the “goddess of Baeksang.”

Park Bo-gum, who was with them as the MC of the Baeksang Arts Awards for three consecutive years, was disappointed that he could not be with them last year as he still hasn’t finished his service in the military. At the time, Shin Dong-yeop and Suzy promised their next meeting, saying, “It’s a shame that Bo-gum is not here with us this year,” adding, “We’ll wait.”

Park Bo Gum

Park Bo-gum kept his promise to Baeksang. He didn’t forget what he said two years ago, “I’ll be back.” After being discharged from the military, he chose the “Baeksang Arts Awards” as his first official appearance. Just six days after being discharged from the military on April 30th, it may be a burden for him to be on stage, but promises, loyalty, and trust came first to him.

The complete MC team of the “Baeksang Arts Awards” finally reunites after two years. Shin Dong-yeop, who is called the “God of Host,” Suzy, who shines just by her existence, and Park Bo-gum, who always showed perfect progress by memorizing the entire script, prove they are the best combination at the “Baeksang Arts Awards”.


The 58th “Baeksang Arts Awards” includes works released on terrestrial, general, cable, OTT, and online channels from April 12th, 2021 to March 31st, 2022, and works released in Korea at the same time. The “Baeksang Arts Awards”, the only comprehensive art award ceremony in Korea that encompasses TV, movies, and plays, will be held live on JTBC, JTBC2, and JTBC4 from 7:45 p.m. on May 6. It will be broadcast live digitally on TikTok.


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