A girl group member who is competing in “Queendom 2” recently appeared with a completely different appearance

The recent situation of Kep1er’s Kim Chae-hyun is drawing attention.

In the 5th episode of Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, which aired on April 28th, members of six groups were seen preparing for the 1st round of the third battle.

Kim Chae Hyun

After being divided into vocal and dance units at the workshop, the members gathered one by one at the filming site. VIVIZ’s Eun-ha was the first to arrive, then Kep1er’s members joined her.

Kim Chae Hyun

What caught the most attention from netizens was the appearance of Kep1er’s Kim Chae-hyun. It was 180 degrees different from how she looked before. Her body and face gave a somewhat strange atmosphere.

Kim Chae Hyun

In response, netizens commented, “Is her body feeling well”, “Compared to her face before, it seems to have changed a lot”, “I hope she is healthy”, “I hope she is not too stressed out”, etc.

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