“My Teenage Girl” Jeon So-yeon suspected of plagiarizing ATEEZ, the original songwriter said, “There was no prior discussion” 

The song “SUN,” composed by Jeon So-yeon of (G)I-DLE, has been embroiled in suspicion of plagiarism while Eden-ary, the original writer of the original song, said, “There was no prior discussion.”   


On Feb 27th, the song “SUN,” which was written by Jeon So-yeon, composed by Jeon So-yeon and Pop Time, was broadcast on the MBC audition entertainment program “My Teenage Girl“. Since the broadcast, suspicions have been raised that SUN” and ATEEZ‘s song “WAVE” sound very similar

Then, on Feb 28th, the credit of “SUN” was revised to include Eden-ary, who composed “Wave.” There was no direct explanation for the alleged plagiarism, but instead, they just acknowledged the plagiarism. 

Jeon So-yeon

In response, ATEEZ‘s agency KQ Entertainment said, “After the ‘SUN’ stage presented by the contestants was broadcast in the first round of the ‘My Teenage Girl’ FINAL on Feb 27th, we received a number of reports that the song was similar to the chorus melody of ATEEZ’s ‘Wave’. While monitoring the related information, we found out that the credit information of ‘SUN’ now contained our production team – Eden-ary.” 

“We would like to make it clear that there has been no prior discussion with Eden-ary as well as us. In the sense of respecting creators who create their own works, we hope that such wrong information will be corrected as soon as possible, and we ask you to refrain from indiscriminate speculation about it,” the agency said.


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