Most beautiful JYP female idol in real life, as revealed by cafe staff

Among the various female idols of JYP Entertainment, JYP Cafe staff reveal their top pick for the most beautiful.

On the 13th, a video titled “Sophisticated and classy Busan man, Day6 Seongjin” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Ppalliyo”. The video captured comedian Kim Kyung Wook’s character, Tanaka, who met Day6 Sungjin at the JYP headquarters.


In the video, Tanaka exclaimed, “It’s a huge company, and they have a fancy entrance!” as he stepped into the JYP building. After passing through the entrance, Tanaka found a café inside the building. It was revealed that this café is operated exclusively for JYP artists and staff.

Tanaka asked the café staff, “Is this the coffee shop only the artists can come to? Nobody from the outside can come here?” When the staff replied “No”, Tanaka said, “You must see JYP artists every day!”

Afterwards, when Tanaka asked, “Among all the female idol members you’ve seen here, who was the most beautiful member?”, one staff member tactfully answered, “All artists in our company are beautiful.”

Undeterred, Tanaka continued to inquire about the top female idol in terms of real-life visuals. At this, another staff member cautiously mentioned that they personally thought Sana was very beautiful. They also added that when Sana comes to the café, her face truly shines, and revealed that they had to pretend nothing happened despite their racing heart. 

Furthermore, when Tanaka asked if there were any special episodes while working at the JYP café, a staff member proudly pointed out that NMIXX Haewon personally provided fan service right in front of them by saying “Meow”, leaving a strong impression. 

Hearing this, Tanaka applauded, saying that he is also a big fan of NMIXX, and that Haewon’s image has been upgraded.

Meanwhile, Sana is a Japanese member of TWICE, who will make her official debut in Japan as part of a unit called MISAMO. In particular, MISAMO, TWICE’s first sub-unit consisting of 3 Japanese members Mina, Sana, and Momo, will release their 1st mini album “Masterpiece” on July 26th. 

On the other hand, the debut Japanese mini-album “Masterpiece” of MISAMO consists of title track “Do not touch”, as well as B-side songs “Behind The Curtain”, ”Marshmallow”,  “Funny Valentine”, “It’s not easy for you”, “Rewind you”, and “Bouquet”, making for a total of seven songs.

Source: Wikitree

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