BIGBANG’s Taeyang showed off his soft image after becoming a dad in new teaser photo

BIGBANG Taeyang’s teaser poster was released on March 27th. Following G-Dragon, he also caught the eyes of fans around the world with his changed visuals and mature aura.

Bigbang Taeyang-Still Life

Taeyang in the poster is assimilated with nature. The fresh green flower garden and the shining sunlight gently surrounded him, giving off a lively spring vibe.

The calm expression and languid eyes of Taeyang melted the viewer’s heart. Fans have high expectations on whether  he will stir the stage with his irreplaceable unique voice and hip-hop swag in BIGBANG‘s new song “Just Life.”

His appearance was captured in a polaroid frame and stimulated nostalgia. Fans are responding enthusiastically by taking out their lightsticks and posting photos taken with them, guessing the link between each teaser content and the narrative contained in it.


In particular, as the new song title is “Still Life,” various interpretations are being made on what symbolism the four members will have for each season. When the teaser images of Daesung and TOP are unveiled, BIGBANG‘s comeback fever is expected to get hotter and hotter.

BIGBANG‘s new song “Still Life” will be released at midnight on April 5. YG explained earlier, “BIGBANG’s ‘Still Life’ is a song that implicitly expresses the members’ past,” adding, “It contains their sincere music and messages.”

This is the first time in about four years BIGBANG has released a new song since its single “Flower Road” released in 2018. The return of the K-pop king, who has produced numerous global hits since its debut in 2006, is drawing attention not only from fans but also from many people.


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