Giselle (aespa) stole the spotlight for a complete image transformation and elevated beauty

Bold outfit soaked with confident attitude is Giselle’s magnetic energy. 

During the early day of debut, Giselle had a bit of a difficult time standing out in a group of equally talented members. However, with some years of experience in her hands, the idol was ready for a complete transformation. 

aespa giselle

In a recent appearance alongside her group, Giselle quickly captured attention to herself with a brand new, charismatic image. The rapper radiated confidence in a strapless black dress that lined her body, boasting long legs and a proportionate physique. Her face grew smaller and sharper than her usual image. The complete makeup revealed a hidden chicness that whipped up discussions in K-pop communities. 

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aespa giselle
Giselle took over the spotlight in her new image. Netizens were taken aback by her stunning new look
aespa giselle
Her bodycon dress accentuated her enviable body and much slender figure that helped her to achieve this desirable version of herself 
aespa giselle
Her sharp facial features are also the talk of the town, ranging from a much more suitable makeup style to image direction, bringing to her a new chic aura and attractive charm 
Giselle has a wonderful transformation, complete the group’s visual formation 

Source: K14

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