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“I’m sorry”… PD Na Young Seok apologized to this singer because of a slip of the tongue

PD Na Young Seok unintentionally made a slip of the tongue.

On Nov 20th, a video titled “The second day of the picnic arrived. What’s the game that stimulated Starship’s competitive spirit?” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Channel 15ya”.

In the video, Starship Entertainment’s actors and singers celebrated the second day of the picnic. Each team participated in the “Speak with your body” game.

IVE Ahn Yu Jin was the examiner for Lee Dong Wook‘s team. The subject was “proverbs“. The members who got the question right showed no confidence.

The Game Caterers
The Game Caterers

Ahn Yu Jin expressed the problem with all her might. Everyone praised her “You explain well“, but she continued to get wrong answers. Finally, Ahn Yu Jin caused laughter by saying, “What is this?

The Game Caterers
The Game Caterers

After the game, PD Na Young Seok said, “You did it for 5 minutes and 40 seconds. In fact, the three-minute time limit passed a while ago. I was so curious about how you would do it, so I just watched.”

Then, an unexpected slip of the tongue broke out. PD Na said, “I think we should listen to the comments of some people here.” He told Lee Kwang Soo and K.Will, “Now, our Lee Kwang Soo and KCM.”

The Game Caterers

K.Will was bewildered. He could not believe his ears, asked “Who are you referring to?” then covered his face with his hand. The scene became a sea of laughter. PD Na apologized, “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

PD Na explained, “It’s because it’s the morning.” K.Will made everyone laugh as he shouted, “I got hit while being careless. Wow… I was surprised. Ah, stop it!!

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