Line distribution of 8 Kpop girl groups recently

While some groups have evenly divided results, others show huge differences between members.

One of the topics that most frequently discussed by netizens is the line distribution of idol groups. Many groups always make fans feel satisfied with the fair and equal line distribution among members. But besides that, some groups often cause endless controversies because their singing lines are so different that they can be called “A and friends.”

Recently, netizens have tried to compare line division results from the most recent song of 8 famous girl groups.

Many of these songs have achieved excellent results on domestic and international charts, but not all songs received a positive response regarding line distribution.

1. (G) I-DLE

Although only debuting more than two years, (G) I-DLE is still a girl group that receives a lot of attention from audiences every time they release a new music product. Leader Soyeon takes on the role of composing almost the group’s title songs; she also regularly participates in the top members who sing / rap the most. In (G) I-DLE’s most recent song “DUMDi DUMDi,” Soyeon and lead vocalist Miyeon were the ones with the most lines. Meanwhile, maknae Shuhua had the least lines when she only got 6.3%.


With all five members’ equal talents, it is not surprising that ITZY’s most recent song, “Not Shy,” was also distributed legally. Yeji (23.8%), who sang the most, was not too different from the one who sang the least, Ryujin (15.8%).


Known as a comprehensive girl group consisting of 3 excellent vocalists and one great rapper, MAMAMOO seldom disappoints fans with their song distributions. And so does the latest song ‘HIP.’ Since the rap part of K-pop songs is usually shorter, rapper Moonbyul is often the one with the least lines in the group. However, Moonbyul got 20.6%, not too much different from the one with the most lines, Solar (27.7%).


G-Friend’s latest song, “Apple,” is one of the fairest girl group songs ever to exist. The fans of the group are extremely pleased when the gaps between the members are overall equal.

5. Red Velvet

“Psycho” is one of Red Velvet’s best and most successful songs. But it is a pity that the group cannot promote because of Wendy’s accident. Seulgi was the one who sang the most in this song, followed by lead vocalist Wendy. In contrast, Yeri only had 2 lines and got 9.9%.


TWICE’s song “I CAN’T STOP ME” has recently been released, and the result of the line split once again created a huge controversy on the Internet. Nayeon got 32%, followed by Jihyo with 19.5%. Meanwhile, the line percentages of the other seven members are all below 10%.


BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” is also one of the songs with a line distribution that makes fans feel extremely satisfied when all 4 members can sing about 1/4 of the song.

Main vocal Rosé sang more than the rest of the members with 32.2%, while Jisoo got the least with 22%.

8. IZ * ONE

It is difficult for IZ * ONE to have a truly equal line distribution with so many group members. “Secret Story of the Swan” is a prime example when Jo Yuri and Kwon Eunbi sing more than the rest of the members.

Among the 8 girl groups mentioned above, BLACKPINK, G-Friend and ITZY have received a lot of praise from Korean netizens for the fair line distribution. Many people claim that this is proof that all group members have good skills. In contrast, TWICE is still the name that causes the most controversy when netizens think that the difference in line division is inevitable when too many members sing badly.

1. As a fan of TWICE, I think it’s natural for Nayeon and Jihyo to take on many parts

2. Certainly, the less the number of members, the better the line distribution..

3. TWICE is crazyㅋㅋ But what should agency do with TWICE? There are a lot of members who can’t singㅋ

4. ITZY’s line distribution looks like a cake divided into 5 parts

5. GFriend’s line distribution looks like pizza cut evenly 6 parts

6. BLACKPINK’s line distribution is good

7. This proves that the skills of the GFriend members are goodㅋㅋ

8. I was surprised to see that lead vocalist have more parts than main vocalist in some groups


10. The line distributions of BLACKPINK, GFriend, Mamamoo, and ITZY are perfect.. These are groups where the members all have good skills..

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