Lee Soo-man used to prevent Super Junior’s Eunhyuk from getting double eyelid surgery because of this reason

Before Eun-hyuk’s debut, SM President Lee Soo-man used to stop him from getting double eyelid surgery.

On KBS 2TV’s “Mr. House Husband Season 2,” which aired on the afternoon of January 15th, Super Junior’s Eun-hyuk gave a ” plastic surgery” present to his father.


On this day, Eunhyuk and his sister visited a plastic surgery clinic with their father, suggesting he get a double eyelid surgery while worrying about his drooping eyelids. The idol’s father confessed that he had a hard time opening his heavy eyelids.


The doctor pointed out that the current situation is serious, saying, “It would have been better if it was done 10 years ago.” He explained, “The surgery that your father will receive is not double eyelid surgery, but upper eyelid surgery.”


Taking advantage of the occasion, Eun-hyuk said, “It’s my first time in a plastic surgery clinic. Please check my face, too.” He then confessed, “Before my debut, I asked if I need double eyelid surgery but CEO Lee Soo-man stopped me and said, ‘Then I have to give it to the rest of the members,’ so I didn’t do it.”


Eunhyuk’s current concern is that his eyes seem swollen. Desiring a clearer impression, he wanted the “Choi Soo-jong’s eyes.” Choi Soo-jong is a Korean celebrity famous for his big beautiful eyes. Choi Soo-jong’s wife, Ha Hee-ra, revealed a funny story, saying, “My husband was suspected of double eyelid surgery at the beginning of his debut.”

The doctor, who used to do various double eyelid line surgeries, said, “If you feel a little more pressed, it’s ok if you want to do it.” Eun-hyuk and his sibling returned home with their father who got the surgery safely, and their mother had a good laugh at her husband’s appearance.



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