SEVENTEEN’s first movie, “SEVENTEEN Power of Love : The Movie,” to be released in theaters on April 20th

SEVENTEEN’s first movie “SEVENTEEN Power of Love : The Movie” has been confirmed to be released worldwide, starting in Korea next month. 

Seventeen Power of Love: The Movie” (Directed by Oh Yoon-dong, Provided by HYBE, Distributed CJ 4DPLEX CGV ICECON, Produced by ScreenX Studio) includes live concert stages of 13 members that have never been seen before, and various behind-the-scenes videos of the global artist SEVENTEEN who has achieved amazing records for each album and is writing a new history.

SEVENTEEN Power of Love : The Movie” will also include a reconstruction of the live performances from the concert “POWER OF LOVE” held online in November last year along with sincere interviews, behind-the-scenes and the most suitable offline concert views, which will be a special gift to CARATs who loves SEVENTEEN.


In particular, including the front screen and two side screens,  the special movie will be shown on a total of three sides to announce the release of CGV’s special theater with the world’s first multi-sensor function, 4DX theater that provides more than 20 motion effects where fans can enjoy vibration and motion effects.

The first film “SEVENTEEN Power of Love : The Movie” of SEVENTEEN. who enters 13th place on the U.S. Billboard’s main album chart Billboard 200 with its 9th mini album “Attacca” and sets its own best record with five consecutive million-sellers, will be released around the world, starting in Korea on April 20th.

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