The way BTS V calls BLACKPINK Jennie revealed through the shape of his lips… “Fans are going crazy”

As photos of couples believed to be BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie continue to be leaked, netizens are paying attention to V’s “pet name” for Jennie.

Recently, a video of BTS V getting his hair trimmed by a staff member has spreaded on various Korean online forums. 

jennie bts v

In the video, V can be seen wearing a stylish shirt, which is similar to a previously leaked photo of him having his hair done. 

V Jennie dating

At the time, behind V, there was a woman presumed to be BLACKPINK Jennie filming with a cell phone camera. Therefore, many people believe that Jennie would be behind V in the new video.

V Jennie dating

Netizens, meanwhile, pay close attention to the shape of V’s mouth in the video, in which there was no sound. It seems that his mouth was forming the word “yeobo”, which is the equivalent of “Honey” in English.

V Jennie dating

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Isn’t V saying “Honey”?
  • It’s “yeobo” isn’t it? He’s calling somebody “Honey”??
  • V must be calling Jennie “Honey” then… that’s cute 
  • He’s calling Jennie, who’s behind him, honey.

Back in May, dating rumors between V and Jennie started to catch wind after several photos of a man and woman, presumed to be V and Jennie, driving together in Jeju went viral online. 

jennie bts v

Ever since, various supposedly “leaked” photos and videos of the couple were spread, leading to constant rumors of a romantic relationship between V and Jennie.

V Jennie dating

Meanwhile, regarding the rumors, both Jennie and V’s agencies, YG Entertainment and HYBE Labels, maintain their silence. 

Source: Insight

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