Kim Tae-ri won the Photogenic award… “I’ll work with kindness and gratitude”

Actress Kim Tae-ri won the Photogenic award at the “2022 KOPA & NIKON Press Photo Awards”.

On the morning of Sep 19th, the “2022 KOPA & NIKON Press Photo Awards” hosted by the Korea Online Press Photographers Association (KOPA, Chairman Jung So-hee) and sponsored by NIKON Imaging Korea (CEO Jung Hae-hwan) was held at Hotel Riviera Cheongdam, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Kim Tae-ri, who won the Photogenic award on this day, said, “I heard about press photography when I was in college. That’s why I think this is a more intimate and friendly award. Thank you.”

Kim Tae-ri

She added, “I think the promotion period of filming an entire work and preparing for broadcasting and release after post-production is also an extension of the work. I’m working with kindness and gratitude to those who are with me on set. I believe that you gave me this award because you recognized such feelings. I’ll continue to work hard in the future.” Then, she wittily greeted, “See you on set again.”

Prior to Kim Tae-ri, “Photogenic of the Year” was given to famous stars such as Lee Min-jung, Han Ye-seul, Im Yoon-ah, Bae Suzy, Kim Seol-hyun, Park Bo-young, Son Ye-jin, Han Ji-min and Jung Ryeo-won.

Kim Tae-ri

Kim Tae-ri received great love from viewers by perfectly playing Na Hee-do, a bright and cheerful character, in this year’s tvN drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”. Following the momentum, the first part of the movie “Alienoid” was released in July. Kim Tae-ri is constantly communicating with fans.

Meanwhile, the “2022 KOPA & NIKON Press Photo Awards” is an awards ceremony in which all the photos covered by KOPA’s members over the past year are nominated. The photojournalists who worked hard in photogenic, sports, comprehensive and entertainment categories throughout the whole year will be selected as the winners.

“Reporter of the Year” belonged to Xportsnews Park Ji-young (grand prize), Sports Today Bang Kyu-hyun (excellence prize) [sports category]; TV Daily Song Seon-mi (grand prize), Xportsnews Kim Han-joon (excellence prize) [entertainment category]; Choi Hyuk (grand prize), inews24/Joy News 24 Kim Sung-jin (excellence prize) [comprehensive category]; Xportsnews Park Ji-young [photogenic category].

Source: Nate

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