“To the highest and brightest place”…Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hoo in the poster for “Little Women”

Actress Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun and Park Ji-hoo will work together as three sisters. 

tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama “Little Women” (scripted by Seo Jung-kyung and directed by Kim Hee-won) released a poster of the three sisters on August 2nd, showing Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun and Park Ji-hoo

The three were under a dark railing while chandelier lights illuminated the different auras in their eyes. First, Kim Go-eun showed her solid heart by facing the upper floor without any wavering in her eyes. 

little woman

Nam Ji-hyun looked up from a different angle. She stared at the space of light with a keen eye why Park Ji-hoo was turning her back on the other two people and looking somewhere else by herself. 

Viewers could feel the different perspectives of the three characters just by the way they look up. The poster also revealed a little bit about the drama through the sentence “From the lowest and darkest to the highest and brightest.” 

Little Women

“Little Women” is the story of three sisters who are poor but always full of affection for each other. As they face the richest and most powerful family in Korea, a huge event swept them away to solve a problem in their life called “money.” 

Kim Go-eun plays the eldest sister “Oh In-ju.” In-ju grew up in terrible poverty which made her realize early on in life that money is her guardian. One day, she meets an unexpected incident and her whole life shakes. 

little women

Nam Ji-hyun plays the second sister ‘Oh In-kyung’. In-kyung is a reporter with a strong sense of mission and high empathy to stand up for justice. She has been poor all her life, but she doesn’t bow because of money. 

As In-kyung feels that the first mysterious incident she faced after becoming a reporter is approaching, she starts digging again. This character is expected to have a confident and independent characteristics. 

Little Women

Park Ji-hoo plays the youngest “Oh In-hye.” In-hye is a painting genius who got accepted into a prestigious art high school just by her skills despite her poor conditions. Feeling overwhelmed by the love of her sisters, she learns to live on her own. 

The production team said, “The three sisters are in the lowest and darkest places. As soon as they try to enter the highest and brightest place, the solid world system  will begin to shake.” 

little woman

“Please pay attention to the story that these ordinary but also extraordinary people will create,” they said. “The actresses will portray the three sisters with completely different charms. Please look forward to their acting synergy.” 

Meanwhile, “Little Women” will premiere at 9:10 p.m. on Sep 3rd.

Source: dispatch

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