3 Korean actors who overcame poverty to become successful and famous

Before shooting to stardom, these Korean stars went through a difficult childhood.

1. Rain

The iconic Hallyu star Rain grew up extremely poor. He was born in a family where he couldn’t eat enough and wear warm clothes. His mother was suffering from diabetes but there was no money for treatment. There were times when Rain’s family was even homeless.  Not long after Rain debuted, his mother passed away before he could see him become a superstar, leaving Rain heartbroken. JYP’s founder Park Jin Young even said that Rain was the poorest artist he had ever met.

Bi Rain Lee Hyori

2. Han So Hee

Han So Hee is currently one of the most outstanding names among new generation actors. Before becoming a rising star, Han So Hee had a tough time living in poverty. In the early years of her career, she used to work at a bar. She worked harder to debut as an actress because of her beloved grandmother. Meanwhile, her own mother made her life miserable. She borrowed money and scammed others under Han So Hee’s name without her knowledge. The amount of debt that Han So Hee had to bear went out of her control. Recently, the court ruled that Han So Hee was not responsible for paying her mother’s debts.

Han So-hee

3. Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won – the male lead of the hot drama Our Blues – also had to go through the same poverty as his character.  Although he did not share details about his situation, Cha Seung Won once said that his family used to live in a basement for 3 years.  After a long time working for a shabby bookstore, Cha Seung Won accidentally had the opportunity to become a model and then gradually became an actor.  Now, Cha Seung Won’s average income has reached 10 million dollars/year and the 45-year-old star is also active as a model for 13 different fashion brands.

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