These rookie actress nominees at “Baeksang Arts Awards” are so outstanding that people will say nothing even if they receive a joint award

Attention is drawn to the fact that a large number of “trustworthy” actresses are nominated for the “Best New Actress” at the “58th Baeksang Arts Awards”.

Jung Ho Yeon

On April 11th, the Baeksang Arts Awards unveiled nominees for the TV, film and theater categories on its official website.

While outstanding actors who have played in various categories over the past year all appear on the nominee list, the list of nominations for the “Best New Actress – Television” is drawing attention.

Actresses Kim Hye-joon, Lee Yeon, Lee Yoo-mi, Jung Ho-yeon and Cho Yi-hyun are nominated for the “Best New Actress – Television” award this year.

Last year, the above names have shown outstanding acting skills through their respective works, drawing attention as rising stars.

First of all, Kim Hye-joon, who played the role of Kei in the JTBC drama “Inspector Koo” which ended last December, proved her skills alongside actress Lee Young-ae, and is proudly named on the list of candidates for the “Best New Actress – Television” award.

Lee Yeon, who took on the role of Baek Sung-woo in Netflix’s drama “Juvenile Justice”, was praised for her performance of transforming perfectly into a middle school male student despite her opposite gender.

In addition to Netflix’s “Squid Game”, Lee Yu-mi also performed enthusiastically in “All of Us Are Dead”.

Jung Ho-yeon has also emerged as a rising star by making her name known widely to the world through Netflix’s original series “Squid Game”.

Jo Yi-hyun, who showed delicate emotional acting in “All of Us Are Dead”, has been active in various fields, including commercials.

With actresses who showed off their unique charms to such an extent that cannot be ranked easily, attention is focused on who will win Best New Actress at the awards ceremony to be held on May 6th. 

Many people say they might not be able to raise opposition even if the nominees jointly win the award, complimenting the new actresses’ impressive acting skills.

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