Employees under Kris Wu are unable to find jobs after the star’s sex scandal

As Kris Wu was investigated and sent to court, employees under him are suffering both in their professional and personal life. 

After a long period of investigation, Kris Wu was sentenced to 11 years and 6 months in prison for rape and 1 year and 10 months for group licentiousness in his first trial. In addition, the former EXO member also had to pay a fine of 600 million Chinese yuan (about 86 million USD) for tax evasion, and will be deported from China after completing his sentence. 

However, Kris Wu is not the only one suffering from his crimes. According to Chinese media outlet QQ, employees who used to work under the male celebrity are also being severely affected. In particular, many were condemned and believed to have “assisted” the crimes of Kris Wu, leading to them being unable to find new jobs. 

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Former employees of Kris Wu are also suffering 

A former female employee shared that companies always rejected her upon seeing Kris Wu’s company on her portfolio, to the point she omitted it in order to get recruited. The employee also insisted on QQ not publishing any information about her identity and voice in fear of receiving criticisms again. 

Meanwhile, a male employee claimed that he was buried in crisis management tasks when Kris Wu was investigated, and at the same time was summoned by the police for questioning. Every related party was heavily investigated, leading to their life being heavily impacted, and the aforementioned employee even suffered from unemployment for a long time. “I was so angry at the time, I wish I could hit him [Kris Wu]”, he said. 

Another employee expressed regrets for having worked under Kris Wu. Since this particular individual is a familiar face who has escorted the star to various events, they are well known and blacklisted by other entertainment agencies. In the end, this employee was unable to get a new job and had to rely on their family for the past year.

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Employees under Kris Wu were suspected of having assisted his crimes and rejected by other companies

On the other hand, Du Meizhu, Kris Wu’s victim who spoke up about his crimes, has accused the male star’s management team of covering up for him. According to her, Kris Wu had a separate SNS account for “girl hunting”. When he found someone that caught his eyes, he would tell the managers to bring the girl to him. Then, the manager would ask the girls about their age, birthday, measurements, and love life, before asking to meet up with them for business. Many girls have fallen victim to such a scheme. 

According to Du Meizhu, Kris Wu’s management team covered up his crimes and brought girls under the male star’s clutches 

Source: k14, QQ

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