Han So Hee became an actress as her grandma wanted to see her on TV

Han So Hee has shown quite well the image of a college girl who is a bit shy and quickly falls in love with the bad boy Jae Eon in ‘Nevertheless.’

Han So Hee, the actress who plays Yoo Na Bi, is one of the characters receiving a lot of attention in the movie “Nevertheless.” In an interview, the actress did not hesitate to share that her grandmother was the motivation to help her follow this artistic path:

“My grandmother loves watching television. Her wish was to be able to see me on TV. Growing up next to her, she often told me about that wish. Gradually, I asked myself what it would be like if I were an actor.”


Before that, Han So Hee has participated in many dramas with different character personalities and impressed many audiences with her acting ability.

The first step into the acting career with “Reunited Worlds” and “Money Flower”


Before being known for her role as Yoo Na Bi, Han So Hee has had some experience from mature roles with charming temperaments. She made her debut with a small role in the movie “Reunited Worlds” as a wealthy journalist who has had a fiancée. Her next role was the secret lover of the supporting male in “Money Flower.” This role helped Han So Hee receive the nomination “Outstanding New Actress” at the MBC Drama Awards.

Getting more popular with “100 Days My Prince” and “Abyss.”

In 2018, Han So Hee received her first historical role in “100 Days My Prince”. She plays a beautiful but estranged princess, living an unhappy marriage. Han So Hee’s image has caused a storm on SNS because of her flawless beauty, sharp aura, and stable acting. Since then, Han So Hee’s name has become much more well-known.


After the role of a pitiful princess, Han So Hee continues to try at the detective drama “Abyss.” She plays Hee Jin – Cha Min’s beautiful fiancee. However, she was stood up on the wedding day because her fiancé was ashamed of his ugly appearance. Later, when Cha Min changed his appearance, their love started again, and she also participated in the journey to solve the case with Cha Min and Se Yeon.

Rose to fame with the role of Yeo Da Kyung in “The World of the Married”.

With charming visuals, Han So Hee has received many roles with rich backgrounds or sharp visuals.  The most typical is probably the role of the mistress Yeo Da Kyung in the hit Korean movie 2020 – “The World of the Married”.

Han So Hee played the role of Yeo Da Kyung – who intentionally interfered in a relationship with a married man.  Not only that, this character also casually thinks that this love is not wrong and constantly pursues her lover.  The role of the mistress has successfully made the audience “hate” her, but it was a factor that proved Han So Hee’s excellent acting ability.


An explosive comeback with “Nevertheless.”

Han So Hee had made an explosive return with the 19+ drama “Nevertheless” after a more than one-year hiatus. Han So Hee played the role of Nabi, a college girl who falls in love with bad boy Park Jae Eon after being cheated on by her ex-boyfriend.


The actress received a lot of appreciation for her performance in the gloomy parting scene in the rain in the 9th episode of “Nevertheless.” Na Bi did leave Jae Eon, and she had no regrets about it. The scene in which Na Bi sat alone in a dark corner, weeping, allowed viewers to feel every word she said.

Han So Hee, a young and talented actress, is continuously honing her acting abilities and promises to wow audiences with more amazing works.

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