Lee Dong Hwi makes it obvious that he’s dating Jung Ho Yeon in new photos

Actor Lee Dong-hwi shared his leisurely daily life and cute lovey-dovey moments.

On September 2nd, actor Lee Dong Hwi published two new photos on his personal Instagram. 

In the first photo, Lee Dong Hwi can be seen wearing comfortable clothes and a tote bag as he headed somewhere outdoors. However, in the second photo, he captured the feet of him and a sneak peak of another person.

From the difference in shoe size, it seems like Lee Dong Hwi was with a woman, and netizens speculated them to be his long-term lover, model-actress Jung Ho Yeon

Previously, the couple were also spotted going on various other cute dates.

On the other hand, Lee Dong Hwi is in a public relationship with “Squid Game” star Jung Ho Yeon. In the near future, he will make an appearance in “Casina” – an upcoming project that will be released through streaming platform Disney+.

Source: nate

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