So Ji Sub is tired of playing “the good guy” in K-dramas and Korean movies?

Top Korean actor So Ji Sub expressed that he is tired of always playing “good guy” roles.

In a recent interview, famous actor So Ji Sub expressed that by the time he received the script for his upcoming movie “Confession”, which is directed by Yoon Jong Seok, he has been feeling tired of “good guy” roles.

It has been a while since I started getting protagonist roles, and ever since, all my characters share the common trait of being good guys”, the actor said, adding, “but this character isn’t like that, and it intrigues me.”

So Ji Sub also added, “At the time, I wanted to take on a new role that’s completely different from my previous ones. I’m always down for new challenges, and there are many roles that I hope to be able to assume in the future.”

According to the actor, “Confession” is a rather novel project for himself, as this will be his first thriller/crime movie.

so ji sub confession
So Ji Sub’s styling in “Confession”

The movie “Confession” is a remake of the 2017 Spanish movie “The Invisible Guest”, created by director Oriol Paulo. The Korean version will follow the life of the tech CEO Yoo Min Ho (So Ji Sub), who became a suspect for the murder of Kim Se Hee (Nana). 

To prove his innocence, Yoo met with Yang Sin Ae (Kim Yun Jin), a talented lawyer, at an abandoned house. Here, the lawyer emphasized that she will only represent Yoo if he trusts her and tells her the truth about what happened inside the hotel room where Se Hee died. Yang also added that only then, she will be able to “create” reliable alibis and help Yoo win the case. 

Regarding this plot, So Ji Sub disclosed that he is extremely fond of his character, Yoo Min Ho, as he didn’t start out as the villain. 

so ji sub

“In the first place, he was having an affair so he wasn’t a good person.  But I don’t think of him as a killer.  He made some wrong choices – one after another.  In the end, they piled on top of each other and he became a villain,” So Ji Sub said.

Since the drama tells the story mainly through conversations between the CEO and the lawyer in the hut, So Ji Sub said they had to practice thoroughly in a way he had never done before to create intensity between the two characters as they talk in a confined space. 

“It took us a lot of time to read through the script. I first met Yoon in person and read the script together. In the process, we added some lines and removed some. Kim Yun-jin did the same thing. After that, we all reviewed the script together many times,” So said.

When asked if he feels extra pressure to star in a remake, So said no.

So Ji-sub

“I watched the original movie after reading the script.  To be honest, I don’t feel pressured to do a remake because I already have experience doing Be With You – a remake of a much more popular movie,” – said the actor. “In addition, this film has the same framework as the original film, but significant changes have been made.”

Be With You is a 2018 South Korean romantic movie starring So and Son Ye Jin.  The film is a remake of the 2004 Japanese film of the same name.

Source: K14

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