“Gganbu” Grandfather Oh Young-soo is back with a fashion that even MZ generation can’t pull off

Oh Young-soo posed at the camera with a strong expression, wearing a blue jumper and dyed his hair blue.

Actor Oh Young-soo, who starred as Grandpa Oh Il-nam in Netflix’s original “Squid Game,” showed off his ability to digest any kind of fashion.

On Oct 20th, the fashion magazine “Arena Homme” posted some of its cover photos for the November issue on its official Instagram.

In the photo released, Oh Young-soo is looking at the camera with a strong expression, wearing a blue jumper and dyed his hair blue.

Oh Young Soo

In another photo, his style in the red tracksuit is perfect.

His confident poses and charismatic expressions catch the public’s eye.

In particular, he boldly mixed and matched fashion items such as latex gloves, women’s handbags, and high heels, boasting an incredibly hip charm despite being in his 70s.

Oh Young Soo

Arena Homme introduced, “Wearing Balenciaga and Adidas, he pulled off the brand’s swaggy style in an original and sensuous way.”

Meanwhile, Oh Young-soo was born in 1944 and is 78 years old this year.

He mainly devoted himself to theater activities and have been appearing in minor roles and supporting roles in movies and dramas since the 2000s.

Oh Young Soo

In particular, he played the role of Ambassador Wolcheon in “Queen Seondeok” in 2009 and showed an impressive performance.

He then played Oh Il-nam in Netflix’s original drama “Squid Game” in 2021, earning the nickname “Grandpa Kkan-bu” from fans all over the world.

Oh Young Soo

In 2022, he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor as the first actor in Korea to do so

At the time, Oh Young-soo said, “For the first time in my life, I can say ‘He’s a good guy’ to myself. It’s not ‘us in the world’ anymore, it’s ‘the world in us’. Thank you to everyone in this world,” he said.

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