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Kwon Eunbi: “I use the same salon as Taeyeon, she is so pretty that I keep glancing at her secretly”

Kwon Eun-bi expressed her fangirl side for Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation.

Kwon Eun-bi, who made a comeback with her third mini-album “Lethality,” appeared as a guest in MBC FM4U’s “Noon Hope Song”.

On this day, Kwon Eun-bi talked about Park Mun-chi, the producer in charge of the track “Flash” when asked about her stories about the album. “I was introduced to work with him when I was in IZ*ONE, but I couldn’t because of the time,” she said.

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“This time, another composer said to me, ‘How aout getting a song from Munchi this time?’ It would be nice to work on the song together, but they simply gave me a song because I didn’t have time,” he said.

Kwon Eun-bi not only went on a diet for this activity, but also put on her hair and wore colored lenses. She shared, “I rarely wore lenses after the LASIK surgery, but I tried wearing lens again for the first time after LASIK,” adding, “It seemed to bring a dreamy feeling unconditionally.” When Kim Shin-young was worried about her eye health, she added, “I only wear it on stage and take it off right away.”

Asked if she found the third-generation junior of “Women’s Society’s Chairman” following Wendy and her, Kwon Eun-bi mentioned, “Hae-won of NMIXX, who is good at grasping the idol world these days.”

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Then she said, “She seems to be sociable. We have only been exchanging greetings at the salon, but I saw Hae-won’s activities through my SNS algorithm, and she seemed to be knowledgeable of the idol world these days,” she praised. “She also came to my solo concert as a guest. Friendship is awesome, loyalty is awesome,” she expressed her gratitude.

On this day, Kwon Eun-bi picked her dog Geumbi, who came to puberty, as the person who she wants to seduce the most. At this time, one listener said, “Don’t you want to seduce Taeyeon, who was selected by you from the Ideal World Cup?” to which Eun-bi replied, “She is everyone’s role model. We goes to the same salon. I secretly glance at her all the time because she’s so pretty,” he said.

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When Kwon Eun-bi was given a chance to send a video letter to Taeyeon on the spot, she said, “You are so pretty and I’m embarrassed to say this, but I’ll always cheer for you silently from behind.”

Source: Nate

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