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BTS’s Jin on Lee Young Ji’s drinking show, “My social relationship is destroyed because of this” 

BTS’s Jin made a highly anticipated guest appearance on “No Prepare”. 

BTS’s Jin appeared as a guest in the last episode of the YouTube entertainment show “No Prepare”, which was released on October 20th. “No Prepare” is a talk show where rapper Lee Young Ji invites a guest to her house and has candid conversations with them while drinking alcohol. 

Lee Young Ji told Jin, “Today is our last day of filming and for you I brought out all the weapons.” Jin said, “Weapons? I heard from downstairs that you prepared 58% alcohol-proof drink.” 

In particular, Jin said, “As a superstar, I can’t bear this,” raising the mood by emptying his glass at once. When Lee Young Ji said, “This is an area where you can be free from all the restraints”, Jin joked, “Oh then am I allowed to swear?” making everyone laugh.


Jin confessed frankly, “I am a bit socially deprived.” He explained, “I started my trainee life when I was 20. I don’t have any friends. If you look at the contact list on my phone, I have less than 10 celebrity friends. Most people don’t want to be friends with us because they feel pressured.” He continued, “Because of this work, my social relationship became a disaster. It’s totally broken.” 

Jin wanted her to play a drinking game. He said, “I was unable to play drinking games because the company stopped me from drinking when I came here as a trainee at 19 years old.” Lee Young Ji then said, “I’ll break everything” and hit the wall several times. Jin laughed and said, “Why are you breaking the house? Nowadays houses are very expensive.” After that, Lee Young Ji and Jin played a drinking game to release their excitement.


Lee Young Ji told Jin, “I really think that you are an amazing person. I wanted to say thank you for contributing to the development of Korean culture.” Jin responded humbly, “It’s our members who did it, not me.” 

Jin said, “If people want to see me and I show a lot of myself, not only I’ll show the aspects they like but also the aspects they don’t like.”

Jin continued, “I don’t want to show the negative side of me. As an otaku who really loves to play games. I’m also infused with that feeling so I have a mindset that I want to only show the aspects of me that fans like.” 

Jin then talked about BTS’s key to success, saying, “One of the reasons why we are successful is that each of the members concedes what he wants to do for other members. It is very difficult to maintain the team if you act the way you want. However, each of us doesn’t cross the line, and concedes what we want to do for other members.” 

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