Krystal shed tears at Jessica’s gift, showing off their top visual and close sisterhood as always

Krystal shed tears over her sister Jessica’s present. 

On the afternoon of Oct 24th, Jessica, a former member of the group Girls’ Generation and a singer, posted several photos with an English caption saying, “Made it just in time for my little one’s birthday!” 


The released photo shows the friendly sisterhood of Krystal and Jessica. 

Krystal pouted her lips as if she were touched by Jessica’s surprise gift, and stole the attention of those who saw Jessica’s post with her red eyes, nose, and mouth. 

It’s even more unexpected because Krystal is well-known for her chic image. 

In addition, Krystal and Jessica showed off their similar visuals and added playful sister chemistry, causing fans to smile happily. 

Jessica has been in a public relationship with Tyler Kwon since 2013. She also recently appeared in season 3 of the popular Chinese entertainment show “Sister Who Make Waves” and is currently about to make her re-debut.

Source: nate

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