“I thought it was a reunion, but it wasn’t…” A 5-member idol group that surprised people recently

There is a 5-member idol group that is surprising people recently. It is Teen Top, which left a masterpiece called “No more perfume on you”.

Teen Top is attracting attention again as they recently appeared as a whole on MBC’s variety show “Hangout with Yoo”. Teen Top members played an active role as the project group One Top’s mentor. Songs such as “No more perfume on you”, “Miss Right” and “Rocking”, which were very popular in the past, are seeing a resurgence on music charts due to Teen Top’s appearance on “Hangout with Yoo”. Various videos on SNS and YouTube are also being re-examined.

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Teen Top members C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky and Changjo are said to have had a gathering aside from appearing on the show. The members are reportedly positively considering a comeback. However, according to the agency TOP Media, no specific plan has been set yet.

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Teen Top debuted in the music industry in July 2010. At the time of their debut, Teen Top drew attention by being called “the youngest boy group” because the average age of the members at that time was 16.3. Teen Top is an idol group that has debuted for 14 years, but many people think they disbanded or suspended their activities. On the online community theqoo, a post was uploaded saying, “I thought Teen Top reunited with ‘To You’ this time.” However, Teen Top is famous as a group that has been steadily active since their debut. They have been steadily releasing albums, holding concerts and fan meetings. However, after the release of the album commemorating their 10th debut anniversary in July 2020, Teen Top kept their profile low due to some members’ enlistment issues.

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As “hidden masterpiece master” Teen Top is receiving attention again on broadcasts and music charts, expectations are high on whether they will make a comeback soon.

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