Knetizens debate on whether Kim Seon-ho’s image can be revived or not

A series of posts by Kim Seon Ho’s acquaintances and reporters recently turn his scandal upside down.

On Oct 26th, Dispatch reviewed the timeline from their first meeting to the parting of Kim Seon-ho and his ex-girlfriend A under the title “Kim Seon-ho, 12 distorted truths”. Kim Seon-ho had tried his best to cook seaweed soup for A two weeks after her abortion, and A was close enough to meet Kim Seon-ho‘s parents, but they eventually broke up in May this year due to repeated trust issues. 

kim seon ho

After such reports, public opinion surrounding Kim Seon-ho’s situation was naturally divided into two. While some point out that cooking seaweed soup cannot be an indulgence and that the privacy of his ex-girlfriend A is being overly dug up and exposed, others say that people should take into account the fact that Kim Seon-ho has endured his ex-girlfriend’s deviant behavior. Thus, a recent post titled “Can Kim Seon-ho’s image be revived?” on Pann attracted great attention from netizens.

Specifically, the OP wrote: “There are many people who choose to cover their eyes and ears even when the truth is revealed. Do you think Kim Seon-ho can revive his image?” Many netizens left comments expressing their views. Some comments are as follows:

  • It looks like the impression of forcing abortion won’t disappear
  • Didn’t his ex have an abortion under joint agreement? 
  • I guess his pure-guy image will be strengthened after this incident
  • Those who used to drive with excess alcohol or use drugs, come out!
  • That’s why you should be cautious about marriage
  • It’s more extreme than any idol fandom on Pann
  • Post-abortion seaweed soup guy hahaha
  • Before Dispatch’s article: Impossible
  • After Dispatch’s article: If he’s good at acting, then it’s possible to some extent
  • Just boiling seaweed soup and you’ll become a pure man
  • He’s not an irreplaceable actor anyway


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