“Kiss master” Kim Min Kyu made another legendary kiss scene

In tvN’s “The Heavenly Idol”, which aired on March 16th, Rembrary regained his divine powers thanks to Kim Dal, who believed in him, and shared an affectionate kiss with her.

To Kim Dal, who expressed her sadness, Rembrary sincerely apologized, “I’ve never thought of killing you.

The Heavenly Idol

However, Kim Dal retorted, “How can I believe that? How can you think of killing people? No matter how much you don’t care about me, you’re an ungrateful blueberry who doesn’t even know this grace.

Then, Rembrary eventually confessed his love, saying he thought he had lost his divine powers because he loved Kim Dal, and he must have chosen only Kim Dal.

He approached Kim Dal, kissed her and conveyed his true feelings.

The Heavenly Idol

Actor Kim Min Kyu previously made a legendary kiss scene with actress Seol In Ah in “Business Proposal”. At that time, Kim Min Kyu even coined the term “glasses kiss scene” and earned the title “kiss master”.

Fans reacted explosively to Kim Min Kyu’s affectionate kiss scene with Go Bo Gyeol, such as “He’s indeed a kiss master“, “He took off his glasses from the beginning this time“…

The Heavenly Idol

Meanwhile, “The Heavenly Idol” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 PM. It depicts the sacred and absurd adaptation to the entertainment industry of the Pontifex Rembrary, who became an unknown Korean idol overnight.

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