Red Velvet Yeri’s sophisticated handling towards people using her as clickbaits: “Poor person who makes money by putting down others”

YouTuber A: “She has caught the Jennie Syndrome” vs. Yeri: “Let’s love each other and live together.”

Red Velvet’s Yeri was mocked. A Youtuber criticized that she has the “Jennie Disease.” Rather than losing confidence, Yeri, who has had 9 years of experience, is showing how to protect her self-esteem as a veteran. 

Yeri recently confessed her feelings on a fan community. She told the YouTuber who attacked her, “Actually, I feel a little sorry for him. People who make money by putting down others like that,” she said, “Let’s focus more on our own lives and live with each other happily and lovingly.

YouTuber A, who was previously called “Cyber Wreck Car” (a slang to call someone who uses others’ negative situation to make content online and gains benefit), targeted Yeri. They even use the title of their released video to intentionally criticize Yeri, saying, “The recent status of Yeri, who seems to have given up on being an idol after catching the Jennie Syndrome.” In particular, they said, “No matter how much she tried to follow, she will never be Jennie.”

Jennie Syndrome refers to the action of following whatever Jennie does because of her extraordinary ability to look good in any high-end item. In other words, it also means to describe someone who doesn’t have their own color and only copies Jennie’s style. 

Looking at Yeri’s fashion, some haters accused her of having “Jennie Syndrome.” Many said Yeri copies Jennie’s style, but as celebrities usually wear ready-made clothes, those can always be similar. There is no basis to accuse Yeri of copying Jennie’s fashion unless she wears customized clothes. Those who are excited to insult just anyone always put random facts together and give them their own context. 

Yeri’s handling of primary criticism is one step ahead. She turned the blame into her pity for those who make money by taking down others. After nine years in the harsh entertainment industry, Yeri seems to have a very calm sense facing this. 

The absurd controversy surrounding Yeri is nothing new. Yeri was rumored to have done “a disparaging remark on the disabled” in 2019. Yeri, who appeared on a broadcast program at the time, was doing a game of guessing the music when NCT Dream’s “We Go Up,” a song of her junior group, came out.

“You should feel sorry to those kids if you don’t get this right,” Yeri told her members who didn’t know the song. The person who claimed that she was looking down on the disabled picked on the word “to those kids,” saying it sounds like a teasing word toward people with disabilities. However, according to the original video, this has been proven to be an absurd criticism.

Yeri’s calm response proposes a great suggestion for the entertainment industry, which has been dotted with blind criticism toward celebrities. 

It was thanks to Yeri herself that she was able to be calm in dealing with issues from cyber wreck cars like this. Because she has high self-esteem and confidence in her own values. It is no coincidence that Yeri shows her 9th year of experience despite her young age of 24.

Source: daum

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