From Lee Je Hoon with 4 trillion won in sales to BTS with 10 billion won in profits, the investment scale of K-stars

“Entertainment company Live” looked into stars investing in start-up companies rather than real estate.

KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “Entertainment company Live“, which aired on Nov 10th, reported the news of stars’ real estate investments. The recent change in stars’ investment techniques is that they have turned into corporate investors instead of real estate owners.


First, stars who made profits by investing in corporate stocks were introduced. Actor Lee Je Hoon was mentioned as an angel investor of Korea’s representative unicorn M company. Angel investors invest in original ideas or startups with potential for growth, and Lee Je Hoon is known to have invested hundreds of millions of won in the initial stage. Currently, this place has recorded sales more than 50 times in 4 years since its launch, with sales of up to 4 trillion won. It is estimated that Lee Je-hoon will also earn high investment profits.

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There are stars who have earned 10 billion won in profits from their company’s stock. They are the global trending group BTS. Chairman Bang Si Hyuk donated 478,685 shares equally to BTS. At that time, the “donation” method, not the stock option, drew attention. The reason is that the stock option is for executives and staff members, but “donation” is given free of charge. An expert predicted, “It gives a strong sense of belonging between the agency and the singer. It also means ‘participating in management together’.”

BTS members Jin, RM and J-Hope sold the shares. RM, Jin, and J-Hope reportedly earned 3.2 billion won, 4.8 billion won, and 1.8 billion won, respectively.

Source: Daum

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