JYP Entertainment was criticized for copying BLACKPINK’s customized hanbok style in TWICE Dahyun & Chaeyoung’s ‘Switch To Me’ video

Korean netizens said that the outfit TWICE member wore in the MV Switch To Me is very similar to Jisoo’s Hanbok (BLACKPINK).

Recently, Dahyun and Chaeyoung released the MV Switch To Me.  This is a cover of the song that Bi Rain combined with JYP, covered by two female idols through the Melody Project.  TWICE’s rapper duo made a strong impression on their beautiful visual, dynamic appearance, their personality, and voice color are also suitable for the song.  But their outfits, specifically Dahyun’s Hanbok, were controversial.

In the MV Switch To Me there is a scene that Dahyun and Chaeyoung wear innovative Hanbok.  Korean netizens clearly realized that Dahyun’s outfit resembled the Hanbok that Jisoo wore in the MV How You Like That, released by BLACKPINK in June 2020.  The TWICE member’s jacket with fringes and patterns is similar to that of BLACKPINK’s visual.

Dahyun & Chaeyoung's 'Switch To Me' video
Dahyun & Chaeyoung's 'Switch To Me' video

Notably, netizens gave evidence that the innovative Hanbok that Jisoo wore in the MV How You Like That was originally designed by BLACKPINK’s stylist team.  The female idol’s jacket is a plain one, the stylist has attached accessories and redesigned it.  Kim Danha – Hanbok designer for the YG girl group also revealed in an interview that Jennie and Rosé wore her clothes, and the Hanbok of the other two members was made by another stylist.

Dahyun & Chaeyoung's 'Switch To Me' video
Dahyun & Chaeyoung's 'Switch To Me' video

Since Jisoo’s innovative Hanbok isn’t ready-to-wear, the similarity between Dahyun’s and hers is even more questionable.  Netizens believe that Dahyun is not at fault in this, but they suspect that the JYP stylist team plagiarized the YG stylist’s idea, then asked JYP to explain.

Dahyun & Chaeyoung's 'Switch To Me' video

Knet commented:

 – She wore the same Hanbok as BLACKPINK Jisoo.  They basically plagiarized BLACKPINK’s style?  They look very similar

– Huh?  That girl group is not the only girlgroup wearing Hanbok, why is TWICE being accused?

– I know it’s not Dahyun’s fault.  But the BLACKPINK hanbok in How You Like That are extremely famous, I don’t understand why TWICE’s stylist doesn’t know them

– The details are literally the same, even the ring on the upper arm. Anyone could see that it was the same hanbok.

– It’s their stylist’s fault. Why from all the hanboks they pick Jisoo’s hanbok. What is wrong with you, JYP. Can’t you do your job properly?

– It’s not about the hanbok but the style. You can’t buy this hanbok anywhere unless someone copied it. And the stylist of BLACKPINK already calls out TWICE’s stylist on Instagram for copying her design.

– Actually, this is so wrong, u can’t copy other work and art without their permission. I hope JYP will clarify this with the stylish. I don’t know why they did it without stylist consent, that’s so not acceptable

JYP Entertainment has issued an official statement of apology on February 11, after a hanbok designer called out a recently released video of TWICE members Dahyun and Chaeyoung covering Rain and J.Y. Park’s “Switch To Me”.

The agency revealed,

“Hello. this is JYP Entertainment. Regarding the outfit seen in Dahyun and Chaeyoung’s Melody Project video, this hanbok piece was purchased through a hanbok distributor; nonetheless, we were not able to properly recognize its similarity to others’ work. We would like to sincerely apologize for this mistake. We offered a thorough explanation as well as our sincere apologies to the designer involved. We will take greater care to ensure that this does not happen again.”

Sources: kenh14

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