Song Mino met Kian84 in England… “You have to be confident even if you can’t speak English”

Song Mino met Kian84 in England.

On MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone”, which aired on Nov 11th, while Kian84‘s daily life was revealed, Song Mino, another member of Rainbow Club, made a surprise appearance.

ong mino kian84 i live alone

Kian84 was invited to the exhibition by Saatchi Gallery, London, England. When the VIP premiere began, he met collectors with a trembling heart. He felt a big language barrier, but he did his best to explain his thoughts.

ong mino kian84 i live alone

Some of the collectors recognized him. They confessed that they became his fans after watching “I Live Alone”. Kian84 felt proud when signing autographs for overseas fans.

At this time, he heard cheers from the side. Hearing many collectors’ cheers, Kian84 said, “Mino is here?” Song Mino, who works as an author with Kian84, appeared. The two, who met at Saatchi Gallery, greeted each other warmly.

ong mino kian84 i live alone

When Song Mino’s fans flocked to him, Kian84 made everyone laugh by boasting, “My brother~ Camping brother~” He then asked Song Mino, “What are you doing tomorrow?” Song Mino made an appointment, saying, “Let’s have brunch together.”

ong mino kian84 i live alone

In particular, Kian84 drew attention by asking, “Are you good at English?” Song Mino replied, “I can’t speak English.” When Kian84 said “I thought you’re good at English because you’re confident”, Song Mino responded leisurely, “Of course you have to be confident.”

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