Kim Se Jeong, the next name to go viral thanks to “Business Proposal” following Ahn Hyo Seop,  announced her next drama

Kim Se Jeong’s next project after “Business Proposal” has been reported.

Kim Se Jeong has reportedly been selected to star as the female lead in SBS’s upcoming drama “Today’s Webtoon”. “Today’s Webtoon” is a remake of the Japanese drama “Sleepeeer Hit”, depicting the story of a former professional judo player who gives up on her lifelong dream due to an injury and struggles at her new job as a webtoon editor. 

A Business Proposal

In the drama, Kim Se Jeong takes on the role of On Ma Eum, a new contract employee who is hired by the webtoon editorial department through fierce competition. On Ma Eum has a huge appetite, a sense of smell that is as good as a dog’s nose, and cauliflower ears. She has a fighter spirit since she used to be a contender for the national judo team. In addition to Kim Se Jeong, actor Nam Yoon Soo has been cast to play the male lead. “Today’s Webtoon” is scheduled to premiere in July.

A Business Proposal

Meanwhile, Kim Se Jeong is appearing in SBS’s ongoing Mon-Tue rom-com drama “Business Proposal”. Adapted from a webtoon, “Business Proposal” tells the love story between CEO Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Shin Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong), an ordinary office worker who fakes her identity and pretends to be a femme fatale on the two’s first encounter, a blind date. 

A Business Proposal
A Business Proposal

The web novel and webtoon of the same name combined are extremely popular, recording 320 million domestic and overseas views, ​​and 4 million cumulative readers. 

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