Kim Jong Kook’s First Counseling Session Reveals Desire to Quit Everything, Leaving His Mother Emotional

Kim Jong Kook receives his first counseling session with a psychiatrist, revealing his desire to quit everything. This made his mother emotional.

In the new episode of SBS’s show “My Little Old Boy” aired on April 16, Lee Sang Min and Kim Jong Kook met with psychiatrists Yang Jae Jin and Yang Jae Woong to discuss their mental health. 

During the show, Kim Jong Kook’s various other “obsessive” behaviors were revealed, in addition to his well-known obsession with exercise. Even the show’s representative “icon of obsession,” Seo Jang Hoon, admitted, “I don’t have such obsessions.”


Furthermore, the hidden reasons behind Kim Jong Kook’s multiple obsessions were also uncovered, leaving everyone shocked.

Psychiatrist Yang Jae Jin used a classic mental health question, asking Kim Jong Kook who he would save first if his mother and wife fell into the water. 

This question left Kim Jong Kook flustered, and his mother, who was watching from the studio, was also tense as they waited to see his response.

Kim Jong Kook also revealed that he wants to quit everything and move to the US immediately, which made his mother emotional.

Lee Sang Min also opened up about his struggles, saying that this year has been emotionally challenging because he feels aimless after paying off his debts.

“My Little Old Boy” aired at 9:05 pm KST on April 16th.

Source: Daum

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