IVE’s Wonyoung shares the same frame with the visual of Kep1er: Who’s prettier?

The moment 2 visual members of rookie girl groups IVE and Kep1er stood in the same frame is drawing attention. 

On January 14, rookie girl group Kep1er promoted their debut title track “WA DA DA” on Music Bank. Backstage, Kep1er members had an interview with MC Jang Wonyoung. The moment Kep1er and IVE’s hottest member stood in the same frame received much attention from netizens. In particular, the “visual competition” of Xiao Ting and Wonyoung became a trending discussion on Pann Nate. 

Kep1er and MC Jang Wonyoung at Music Bank

According to Korean netizens, the visuals of Wonyoung and Xiao Ting are a “double kill” because both are among the prettiest female idols of Kpop’s new generation. Wonyoung is known as the most beautiful IVE member. Similarly, Xiao Ting is also often named by her members as the visual of KEP1ER.

At Music Bank yesterday, Wonyoung wore an outstanding red outfit, showing off her gorgeous beauty and classy, princess-like charisma. Meanwhile, Xiao Ting impressed netizens with her mature and sexy aura. Seeing two opposite styles in the same frame, netizens are torn between Wonyoung and Xiao Ting when choosing who is prettier. 

IVE vs Kep1er
IVE vs Kep1er
Wonyoung and Xiao Ting in the same frame
IVE vs Kep1er
Who stands out more?
IVE vs Kep1er
Xiao Ting has sharp visuals
IVE vs Kep1er
Wonyoung is soft and lovely

Some comments:

  • Wonyoung and Xiao Ting are both pretty. I hope they become friends.
  • Their visual combination is a double kill.
  • I don’t like Chinese idols, so of course my pick is Wonyoung.
  • When Wonyoung stepped aside, I only noticed Kang Yeseo.
  • Their visuals give off completely different vibes, it’s so hard to choose.
IVE vs Kep1er
During the interview with MC Wonyoung, fans noticed that Xiao Ting constantly looked at her senior with admiration in her eyes.
IVE vs Kep1er
KEP1ER’s Chinese member couldn’t take her eyes off Wonyoung
IVE vs Kep1er
Xiao Ting’s interaction with Wonyoung makes fans excited

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