The secret of BTS’s friendship tattoos revealed by tattoo artists

Tattoo artist talked about BTS members’ “7” friendship tattoos. 

Leader RM was the first to reveal the friendship tattoo among BTS members in time for the release date of the group’s anthology album “Proof” on June 10th. The number ‘7’, which represents the seven members of BTS, is engraved on his ankle. Afterwards, other members drew attention by revealing the ‘7’ tattoos they had in different body places. Jin had the friendship tattoo on his waist, Suga on his wrist, J-Hope on his calves, Jimin on his finger, V on his arm, and Jungkook on the back of his ear. This shows the strong friendship of the BTS members. 

Meanwhile, a tattoo artist who recently worked on BTS’ friendship tattoo talked about his work. 

BTS tattoo

He explained, “I worked on the friendship tattoo for BTS members, which attracted a lot of people’s attention. To show the meaning of friendship between BTS members, I decided to work on it after thorough discussion with the members.”

He continued, “There will be no commercial sales through the friendship tattoo’s design, and we will not work on other people other than BTS members in order to leave BTS’s friendship tattoo with a good meaning.”

BTS tattoo

He added, “We plan to show the tattoo pictures of the members through this account in the future, but only those who have made their tattoos public.”

The tattoo artist also revealed the friendship tattoos of RM, Jin, and Jimin, as well as the autographs left by the members.

In particular, on November 13th, he posted a photo, collecting the design of BTS’s friendship tattoo “7” with the caption, “It was such an honor. I think it’s right to reveal them as much as you trust me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. When 7 tattoo designs were combined, BTS was completed.”

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Fans are showing reactions such as “No one can beat BTS at BTS”, “You’re moving me to tears again”, “It’s touching”, “Tattoo that only BTS can do”, “Let’s be together forever”.

Meanwhile, BTS has been engaged in individual activities after the concert ‘BTS ‘Yet To Come’ in BUSAN’, a concert to promote the 2030 Busan World Expo held last month. BTS will carry out their military service sequentially according to their plans, and the eldest member, Jin, submitted a request for cancellation of enlistment postponement on November 4th.

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