The influence of “Luhan – Guan Xiaotong relationship ” is out of control

Weibo currently becomes very crowded because of “Luhan and Guan Xiaotong’s relationship announcement” topic.

Immediately, “Luhan – Guan Xiaotong” took 1st place of top keywords on Weibo. The manager of Luhan was contacted and he also admitted their relationship. After publishing this news, there were a lot of fans expressing their excitement as well as surprise while many were indignant, disappointed, especially the saesang fan.
Xiaotong, Luhan, dating, 2017
However, negative issues happened unexpectedly. On Weibo, there were a lot of disturbing photos and information of many sasaeng fans who had bad reactions after their idol’s relationship was revealed. Jump off the building, suicide cut their wrist with blade… are painful and scary photos.

Xiaotong, Luhan, dating, 2017
A heartbreaking photo of a sasaeng fan jumping off the building (the photo was blurred)
Xiaotong, Luhan, dating, 2017
Another suicide situation happened at Tay An University. The ambulance appeared, but the patient status has not been revealed clearly.
Xiaotong, Luhan, dating, 2017
Cutting wrist, jumping off building to commit suicide…
Xiaotong, Luhan, dating, 2017
Another tragic case of a fan with depressive disorder. She decided to jump off the building after knowing Luhan’s relationship. Her teachers and friends could not come in time to save her.

Previously, during an interview, Luhan also said that he would definitely share with his fans and press if he had a girlfriend. Even though he is kind of the hottest idol star of Chinese entertainment industry, admitting his relationship will surely be breaking news and have a major influence on his career. Nevertheless, Luhan was brave to accept and face all.

The above information and childish as well as extreme actions of saesang fans made many people hurt. All of these were overacted behaviors, showing mentally immaturity of a group of fans when receiving information from the idol. There was a comment on Weibo saying: “Your life was given by your parents, please do stop doing it. Those who died just made people staying upset and blame”. Frankly speaking, before making any decision, idols always think carefully and hope their fans support them. That their fans have bad reactions and kill themselves because of their idols will absolutely make idols hurt and blame themselves. China Netizen are showing their disagreement towards these unacceptable reactions of sasaeng fans. Especially, Lufans are trying to calm people and advise them to receive all information in a positive way.

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