Kim Jae Joong reveals his alcohol tolerance, “We finished 97 bottles of soju & raspberry wine & whiskey”

Singer Kim Jae Joong surprised everyone with his unimaginable drinking capacity.

On August 17th the Youtube channel “Uhmg” uploaded a new video titled “[SUB] A meeting of people who made a stroke with their visuals? Jae’s Friend Ep.4 |#Kim Jae Joong #Jung Yup”. Singer Jung Yup appeared as a guest.

kim jaejoong

Jung Yup said, “For me, you were a celebrity Kim Jae Joong”. In response, Kim Jae Joong said, “It wasn’t for me”, adding “You were a fascinating person. Our date of debut is similar but we never met on the same broadcast show. That’s why I was so interested in you”.

When Kim Jae Joong asked, “How are you doing with your wife recently?”, Jung Yup replied, “Yeah. Great”, then smiled shyly and wondered, “Did I lack sincerity?”.  He told Kim Jae Joong to ask again then said, “At this instant, we talk about my wife. I’m going to cry. It’s always heartwarming just thinking about her. This is it”, drawing laughter.

kim jaejoong

Kim Jae Joong continued asking, “When was your wife lovely?”. Jung Yup said, “How can I count that moment?”, adding “I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it. So many lovely moments…”, making everyone burst into laughter again.

Revealing that he earned much royalty from his mega-hit song “Nothing Better” in the past, Jung Yup shared, “When I just released this song, lots of idols sang this. But no one sings it these days.”

kim jaejoong

He confessed, “I barely sing ‘Nothing Better’ at weddings. I sing it, if they want it for their wedding. I actually try to sing a song that has a fast tempo among my songs. Many people ask for ‘Why Did You Just Come’”, adding “It was an OST of the drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’. That song had more amount of royalty. I earn 50,000 won every month”.

That day, Kim Jae Joong also mentioned his alcohol tolerance. He said, “When I went to the Busan Film Festival in Gijang, Busan. I drank 7 and a half bottles of soju. Then I moved to Haeundae. There were 30 bottles in a box and we finished 3 boxes. We finished 90 bottles and when I opened the fridge at a hotel. There were a black raspberry wine and a whiskey. We also finished those”, surprising everyone with his amazing drinking capacity.

kim jaejoong

Kim Jae Joong wondered, “How did I drink all of that? But I remained sober and could still remember everything”, adding “I’ll be in huge trouble if my parents are watching this”.

Source: Naver

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