Lee Hyori asked if she did yoga with ex-boyfriends and her response

Lee Hyori once appeared on the talk show ‘Radio Star’ and revealed unfiltered stories.

On ‘Radio Star’ broadcasted in 2017, Lee Hyori confessed that she was worried that she would have an affair, not Lee Sang Soon. “I changed boyfriends every two years, but I was scared because I have 5 to 60 years left in my life. I was worried about being criticized by the entire nation for being a cheater. But that thought still applies,” she said.

Then, in response to the question, “I heard you do yoga with your ex-boyfriends,” Lee Hyori said, “I don’t have many friends, nor hobbies. The only thing that comforted me were the boyfriends I had at the time. But I’m the type of person whose heart changes frequently. The gap was lonely and difficult, but after it was over, I realized I was really wrong. After doing yoga, my past boyfriends appear sequentially in my dreams. They say the body remembers the past during yoga, but I had a guilty conscience, so I talked to them in my dreams and resolved it.” She added with a laugh, “Kim Gura, you should do a lot of yoga. If you want to meet the people you cursed.

lee hyo ri

Netizens who saw the video reacted, saying, “She’s charming,” and “It’s hard for any variety show with Lee Hyori not to be entertaining.

lee hyo ri

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori will meet viewers through the program ‘The Dancing Wanderers,’ which tells the story of the nationwide tour concerts of Korea’s top female artists following in the footsteps of dance artists, as they directly meet various fans in their daily lives.

Source: Naver. 

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