Kim Se-jeong picks this girl group as the prettiest idols she has met in real life

Singer-actress Kim Se-jeong revealed the celebrities whose visuals are the No.1 to her, drawing attention.

On May 28th, the article titled “The girl group that amazed Kim Se-jeong with their real-life beauty” on the online community theqoo became a hot topic.

kim se jeong

The article contains a part of Kim Se-jeong’s live broadcast on Naver VLIVE on May 20th. Kim Se-jeong conducted the live broadcast with her phone while moving in the car. She suddenly mentioned girl group fromis_9, saying “fromis_9 members are very very beautiful. I’m serious. Every time I run into a member at the hair salon, I always tell them that they are the prettiest. I think fromis_9 are really the prettiest.”

Kim Se-jeong excitingly poured out compliments for fromis_9, saying “fromis_9 are really pretty. They are so so beautiful. Of course, all idols are pretty but I think fromis_9 are the prettiest.”

fromis_9, the junior girl group praised by Kim Se-jeong, is a nine-member idol group that debuted in 2018. It is known that fromis_9 members are working on an album with the goal of making a comeback at the end of June.


Meanwhile, Kim Se-jeong, who debuted as a member of girl group I.O.I, has established herself as an actress by appearing in a number of famous dramas, such as “School 2017”, “I Wanna Hear Your Song”, “The Uncanny Counter”, “Business Proposal”, etc.

Kim Se Jeong

She has recently been cast as the female lead in SBS’s new series “Today’s Webtoon”, which is scheduled to air in the second half of this year.

Source: Wikitree

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