“Today’s Webtoon” to premiere in July… Starring Kim Se-jeong, Choi Daniel and Nam Yoon-soo

“Today’s Webtoon” starring Kim Se-jeong, Choi Daniel and Nam Yoon-soo will premiere on July 29th.

Based on the Japanese drama “Sleepeeer Hit!”, SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “Today’s Webtoon” centers around former judo athlete On Ma-eum, who gives up the sports she has been doing all her life due to an injury, struggling to become a true webtoon editor after getting the job in a webtoon company. PD Jo Soo-won, who made the dramas “I Can Hear Your Voice”, “Pinocchio” and “Still 17” is in charge of directing. As actors Kim Se-jeong, Choi Daniel and Nam Yoon-soo were cast, “Today’s Webtoon” is drawing attention as SBS’ eagerly-anticipated work.

Kim Se-jeong plays “On Ma-eum”, a new employee who enters the webtoon editorial department after beating all odds. Being a former member of the national judo team, she gives up her dream of winning an Olympic gold medal due to a serious injury. However, she challenges herself towards the dream of becoming a webtoon editor as webtoon has been a great comfort since her days as an athlete. Kim Se-jeong‘s bright energy and the energetic character On Ma-eum are expected to create good synergy.

Kim Se Jeong

Choi Daniel will return to the small screen after 4 years as “Seok Ji-hyung”, the deputy editor of Neon Webtoon’s editorial department. Seok Ji-hyung is a person who makes strange jokes or bets with an unreadable poker face to loosen the mood of the editorial department. Although Seok Ji-hyung can be brutally honest, he is also a supportive editor who takes good care of his younger colleagues and the webtoon writers he works with. It arouses curiosity about how Choi Daniel, who has a wide acting spectrum, will portray Seok Ji-hyung’s colorful charm.

Choi Daniel

Nam Yoon-soo will take on the lead role in “Today’s Webtoon“. He plays Goo Joon-young, a new employee of Neon Webtoon’s editorial department who has only walked on the elite flower path. Goo Joon-young, who joined a promising IT company with a high score, faces a life that he cannot adapt to for the first time as he is assigned to a new webtoon service department. However, he grows to be more like On Ma-eum by sincerely putting his heart and soul into everything after reflecting back on himself. Expectations are high for Nam Yoon-soo, who owns a soft and refreshing aura, to continue his acting transformation.

Nam Yoon-soo

The production team of “Today’s Webtoon” said, “We recently finished practicing the script and started filming. Main cast members such as Kim Se-jeong, Choi Daniel and Nam Yoon-soo are creating a warm workplace empathy drama with their sticking to characters and sincerity. Their chemistry is also better than expected, so it seems like we’ve gained thousands of troops and horses.”

They added, “We’ll visit the small screen on July 29th with a drama that conveys sympathy and comfort to young people who are at crossroads between dream and reality, as well as a message of support to office workers who are doing their best in their respective positions.”

Meanwhile, SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “Today’s Webtoon” will premiere on Friday, July 29th, following “Why Her” – the sequel to “Again My Life”.


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