Lucas Chinese FC admins stepped down from all positions; Lucas is at risk of being boycotted in his homeland

Following a series of allegations made by ex-girlfriends against Lucas, the male idol’s largest fan station in China has made a shocking statement.

Recently, Lucas (NCT / WayV)’s biggest FC “LUCAS CNFC” has announced their resignation:

“Hello everyone.

Starting from today, the management board of LUCAS CNFC will be withdrawing from all positions in the fanbase. If anyone wants to take over the job, please send us a message in private.

Regarding the birthday donation fund, we will refund everyone within 48 hours. Please pay attention and check. We wish you all the best.”

Currently, a series of rumors about the NCT member’s personal life is spreading rapidly on social media.

Both SM and Lucas have not yet responded to this controversy.

Another girl came forward to expose Lucas (WayV), providing evidence that he had defamed his group’s members

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