Bae Suzy released a new music video teaser…”Comeback with a dreamy self-composed song”

Suzy is back to her job in the music industry with new digital release, “Cape”. 

Management SOOP released a teaser video for Suzy‘s new digital single “Cape” on its official website on the 5th.

The teaser conveyed a soothing atmosphere in which Suzy’s daily life was depicted and some of the footage from her vlog incorporated. The singer was seen smiling brightly and waving her hand. Suzy boasted a stunning visual while being filmed eating on a sidewalk coffee corner or riding a theme-park ride. 


Snippets of the new single were also heard. A lyrical and dreamy melody caught the attention of the listeners, especially through a delicate voice of the singer, creating an unique mood for the song. “Cape” presents an acoustic feel. It was arranged with a band sound and swaying electric guitar in the background. The song was promoted to be a “different charm than before.”


Suzy was reported to participate in writing and composing the song herself. She worked with producer Kang Hyun Min once again. They worked together on their previous work, “Satellite.” Expectedly, Suzy will release her new song on major music sites at 6 p.m. on the 6th (KST) and the music video will be released at the same time.

Image: Management SOOP

Source: Dispatch

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