Korean stars who suffer unwanted hate for pulling off their villain roles: An actress even witnesses a mass unfollowing 

These Korean stars are hated in real life for their fictional roles. 

Han So Hee 

Han So Hee

“The World of the Married” not only brought fame for Han So Hee but also an unexpected wave of hate. In the drama, Han So Hee plays Da Kyung, the mistress of the husband of the female lead, Seon U (Kim Hee Ae). Later in the series, while Da Kyung was revealed to also be a victim of manipulation, the audience could not forgive her for what she did on-screen. Hate comments flooded So Hee’s Instagram. It only started to cool down when Han So Hee took on new projects, notably “My Name.” 

Oh Man Seok – Crash Landing on You

Oh Man Seok

Lieutenant Commander Jo Cheol Kang (Oh Man Seok) is also a memorable face of “Crash Landing on You” apart from the lead couples. Jo is unpredictable and filled with schemes. His appearance in the drama not only makes people afraid, but also hate on the character. 

Bona – Twenty Five, Twenty One 

Bona-Twenty five twenty one

While not entirely an antagonist of the drama series, Bona was also a victim of hate after her performance on “Twenty Five, Twenty One.” Bona plays Ko Yu Rim, a genius fencer and enemy-turned-best-friend of Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri). At first, her character was not at all likable. She was arrogant and often bullies the female lead at every chance she got. However, that was only on-screen, in real life, Bona is just Bona. However, as she immersed in her character too well, the idol still received hate on her personal SNS and had to clarify: “That is Yu Rim, I am Bona.”

Lee Yoo Mi – All of Us Are Dead 

lee yoo mi

For “All of Us Are Dead,” Ji Yeong (Lee Yoo Mi) is, perhaps, the most hated character. In crucial moments and life-and-death situations, the female student almost entirely dedicates her energy to screaming and blaming others. The actress behind the role, Lee Yoo Mi herself, claimed that Ji Yeong bothered the audience so much it became a buzz online. She joked that the hate she received online 2 weeks after the series aired equaled those from many years combined. 

Shin Ye Eun – The Glory

shin ye eun

Shin Ye Eun gains particular attention in “The Glory” as the younger version of Park Yeon Jin. From her gaze to the curled-up smile and mannerisms, all showed that she is the high-school self of Park Yeon Jin. Viewers got goosebumps every time Ye Eun appeared on the screen. The actress recounted, she was so immersed in the role that she got nightmares after filming. In response to her performances, many said that they did not want to see her smile anymore and unfollowed her account, which surprised the actress. 

Source: K14

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