The true meaning behind the fashion of 3 female villains in “The Glory”

3 female villains of “The Glory” have showcased their true personalities through the clothes and styles they adorn.

Although “The Glory” is not a K-drama about fashion, the fashion of its actresses are still extremely well-arranged and fitting of their characters. In particular, the clothes are not only modern and chic, but also reflective of each character’s basic personality. And this is not limited to the female lead Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) alone, but also extend to the “female villain trio”, who catches the viewers’ eyes with their own style. 

Park Yeon Jin 

Park Yeon Jin, played by Lim Ji Yeon, is often dressed in luxurious and high-end items, which give off the image of a chic and lady-like woman. However, behind such elegance is a cruel soul, which can be even said to be on the verge of insanity. 

Lim Ji Yeon the glory thumbnail

This character’s fashion sense can be summarized in the words of her husband Ha Do Young, “Among the three people I went to match-making sessions with, you wear the least clothes, but all of them are Dior”. 

Lim Ji Yeon the glory
Lim Ji Yeon the glory

Materials such as silk and tweeds, statement jewelries, and luxury handbags, are also trademark features of Park Yeon Jin. 

In addition, Park Yeon Jin often wears long dresses and drapey materials when with her husband and child. However, she dresses up in tougher cuts when faced against the world, where she shows her true face. 

Lee Sa Ra 

Contrary to Yeon Jin, Lee Sa Ra, another member of the bully gang, has never hid her true cruelty and spontaneity. As a drug addict and an “artist”, Lee Sa Ra always appeared tired with her hair flowing freely and in creative styling.

Kim Hieora the glory

At the same time, however, Lee Sa Ra’s wardrobe consists fully of luxury pieces. She also shows her creativity by making unique uses of fashion items, such as making a Louis Vuitton scarf into her top. 

Kim Hieora the glory
Kim Hieora the glory

At first sight, Lee Sa Ra seems somewhat completely careless about her appearance. However, her style embodies a free spirit who doesn’t care about rules and is always willing to have fun. 

In her close-up shots, audiences can clearly see the deep eye bags and messy hair of Lee Sa Ra. However, instead of looking unappealing, this character seems to give off a dangerous, and not-to-be-messed with aura.

Choi Hye Jeong 

Cha Joo Young the glory
Cha Joo Young the glory

Choi Hye Jeong’s family runs a laundromat, so she doesn’t own as many luxury items as her two other “friends”. As a result, she is often mocked by Yeon Jin and Sa Ra about her clothes and origins. 

On the other hand, Hye Jeong often goes for seductive outfits with deep necklines and revealing cuts. Her jewelry is also extremely gaudy, as if meant to show off the few luxuries she get to own. 

Cha Joo Young the glory

Choi Hye Jeong is also the only perpetrator that adopts a sexy style which emphasizes her cleavage.

However, during the meeting with her future mother-in-law, Hye Jeong pretends to be meek and modest by wearing a white and elegant tweed set. The way she adjusts her clothes to the people she’s meeting shows the true face of this character. 

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