New still cuts of upcoming drama “Little Women” tease Kim Go Eun’s bittersweet life as a poor family’s big sister

Kim Go Eun is expected to show another impressive acting transformation in “Little Women”.  

On August 9, tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama “Little Women”, which is set to premiere on September 3, released new still cuts of Kim Go Eun‘s character, the oldest sister Oh In Joo, who wants to protect her family by making a lot of money. 

“Little Women” tells the story of three sisters who are poor but grow up in a loving family. They later fight against the richest and most powerful family in Korea and are caught up in a huge incident. 

The script was penned by writer Jung Seo Kyung, who has been recognized worldwide for her writing skills in critically acclaimed movies “The Handmaiden” and “Decision to Leave”. Director Kim Hee Won, who is loved for his delicate and powerful directing through “Vincenzo” and “The Crowned Clown,” was in charge of directing. 

In terms of the cast, expectations are high for the chemistry and synergy of Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hoo in the roles of three sisters who want to go “from the lowest and darkest place to the highest and brightest”.

In the still cuts of Kim Go Eun released earlier, she looks completely immersed in Oh In Joo. Oh In Joo works as an accountant. Growing up in extreme poverty, she realized early on that money was their biggest protector. Her loneliness and emptiness in the office is hinted at by her bittersweet expression in one of the photos. 

In another photo, Oh In Joo’s sharp eyes while going through the receipts further stimulate curiosity. In a previous teaser, Oh In Joo is caught up in an unexpected event with a mysterious 70 billion won, heralding the turning point of her life. Kim Go Eun is expected to capture viewers’ hearts with her portrayal of Oh In Joo and her complex narrative. In a situation involving a large sum of money, questions are raised about what choices and decisions Oh In Joo will make, and whether her wish to protect her family with money will come true.

Kim Go Eun cited “a good script” as the reason for her decision to star in “Little Women”. She said, “As soon as I received the script, it was so much fun that I read it in an instant. I am happy that I can be a part of a good team and work with good people.”

Describing her character Oh In Joo, Kim Go Eun said, “Oh In Joo really loves her family. She lives, loves, expresses her feelings, and does her best in her own way. She is also a transparent person like a grain of glass. She is a complex and three-dimensional character, so I thought about how to portray her in many ways,” raising expectations for her performance. 

Source: daum

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