ONEUS member under fire for giving fans hints to buy him expensive gifts

Bubble messages sent by Ravn, a member of the group ONEUS, to fans have become controversial among netizens.

On October 14th, on online communities theqoo and Nate Pann, a post mentioned the Bubble messages sent by Ravn to fans, accusing him of “frequently begging for gifts from fans.”


In a bubble message, Ravn said, “Even when I update iPhone X, it doesn’t work, I’m only tapping the selfie button like a fool,” and after uploading a picture of a new phone case that doesn’t fit his iPhone X. He even posted a picture of a Valenciaga product, saying “I wanted to buy it because it was so pretty, but it is not sold in Korea when I go back.”

Netizens who saw the bubble messages commented, “Is he telling them to buy it openly?” “That’s plain,” “Are there fans who bought it for him?” “Why are you talking about what you want to buy on the bubble?” and “I lost my affectation for him because of this.”

On the other hand, someone defended him, saying, “It may be ridiculous to say the product name, but he may have posted it just because he bought it.”

In this regard, a Wikitree reporter has tried to contact a staff in ONEUS’s agency regarding this matter but couldn’t reach him.

Source: wikitree

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